About Us

Sheets By Karen has been offering our luxurious 1800 thread count Egyptian comfort sheets at unbeatable prices for over five years. We are committed to offering our customers the best for less. Our online store and personal service allow us to spend more time procuring the best sheets for our clients and offering unbeatable customer service without worrying about overhead costs. Because we are a small company, we have the freedom to select only the best.

We believe that everyone deserves to sleep in luxury, and we are proud to make it possible!   We are able to offer our clients these amazing sheets at an unbeatable price.  We bring these luxurious sheets straight to our clients via online sales and our exclusive network of those in the know.  Our customers buy from us again and again because, simply put, our sheets are the best you can buy, and you can't beat the price.  Our Egyptian comfort sheets enable you to have a good and luxurious night's sleep!  These sheets are like a best friend and get better the longer you own them.